Monday, June 8, 2009

Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines

Can someone in NYC please go see this for me? This new play, "Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines", is a straight-up homage to the world of amateur inventors, the tinkerers with their visions of spring-loaded time savers 'round every corner of the home.

And there's no behind-the-scenes trickery here! When one of those Rube Goldberg devices gets stuck (and they do), there are no stagehands in the shadows to nudge it along. No, the actors have to go and fix it themselves, perhaps with a snarky aside to the audience. That's nice. Bravo, "Machines" creators, for acknowledging that failure is integral to the field of crazy contraptions. Now, because quoting other people is so easy, here is the description from the host theater, HERE Arts Center:

machines machines machines machines machines machines machines explodes the world of garage tinkers and backyard engineers in a ridiculous theatre piece featuring the world's most complicated machines set to perform the simplest tasks. Following the formula, "the most of amount of effort for the least amount of gain," three chowderhead geniuses reach for the heights of mechanical ingenuity to reveal the depths of human idiocy.

Machines x 7 focuses on a trio of fretful men (Rainpan co-founders Geoff Sobelle and Trey Lyford along with Pig Iron's Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel) who may or may not be brothers living in what may or may not be a postapocalyptic world. In constant fear of an unnamed and unseen enemy, they grow increasingly paranoid and wire their bunker with an enormous array of machines constructed from debris.

Oh man you guys you cannot deny that that sounds awesome.

Addendum: Oh, check it out! The New York Times likes the show too.

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